Hybrid Power

Hybrid power solutions

Smartnet Networks also offer hybrid power solutions ( referred as clean energy solutions) for supplying electricity generated on site to stationary industrial applications such as a BTS, company networks infrastructure etc. Such solutions combine energy produced from various sources such as diesel, fuel, solar and wind, with energy storage such as batteries or fuel cells to enable your equipment having high uptime and availability of service..

  • We are committed to setting annual environmental objectives and targets, and these are periodically revised and reviewed. Consideration is taken of the views of the interested parties during revision.
  • We are committed to and promote continual improvement in the Environmental Management Performance/Program..
  • We train employees and promote environmental awareness and commitment, including employees responsibility for the environmental issues related to our activities
  • We identify environmental aspects and reduce their impacts on our site and their effects on the local community, by keeping the site clean and tidy, conserving natural resources, preventing air, water and noise pollution.

Power backup systems

We install and provide maintenance of power backup systems such as Genset, Solar, Inverters and UPS providing Efficiency Solution that will enable your business running and service availability during electricity outages. Wind hybrid is a solution designed to deliver low operating costs on wind exposed bad and Off grid sites. It combines the advantages of battery diesel combinations delivering efficient diesel usage and high uptimes with a large share of wind energy. Smartnet offer installation and maintenance of hybrid power from simple to complex designing. 

We recognize the excellence in the management of safety and health as an integral part of our business. The company’s Health and Safety Policy provides the foundation for the company’s commitment to improving health and safety.

Since solar energy is renewable, solar panels make use of a freely abundant natural resource, creating no off-gasses and reducing dangerous fire risks. Once clients partner with a reliable and knowledgeable solar power company like Smartnet Energy, residential solar customers find even greater benefits to going green.

Make The Switch Today, Be Smart And Use Smart Energy

We believe that the quality of air, water and soil should be protected for the continued benefit of all ecosystems. In this way, the needs of present and future generations will be met. This will be achieved through continual improvement, prevention of pollution in all activities and services we carry we carry out and in products manufactured by our organization.